Core Values
The Foundations of Our Business

Martell Services Group and its subsidiary companies believe in the core values of SPIRE: Safety, Professionalism, Integrity, Resourcefulness and Efficiency. Living these values allows us to provide the high-quality services our clients have come to expect.

For our clients, our approach sparks innovative solutions that help their businesses succeed. With rigorous project management and tight fiscal responsibility, we deliver projects on schedule, on budget, and above and beyond expectations.


Nothing is more important. Martell Services Group’s culture of safety incorporates fundamental principles that work together to encourage and promote team members’ ownership of their safety attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors at work and at home.

“Think Safety First” is the foundation of our core values and is the unmistakable commitment that is required by each team member to do what it takes to complete their work injury- and incident-free. Our philosophy is — and will always be — that nothing you do at work today is more important to us than finishing the day in the same condition in which you started.


Great experiences begin by building honesty into every relationship. This is the very foundation of our ownership culture. When you partner with a Martell Services Group company, you’ll recognize our culture of respect for the work we do and the people who do it. Clients are critical members of the team, and their voices are not only heard, but also understood. Our reputation for professionalism is essential to our company’s continued success, and our entire team works hard every day to ensure the highest standards are maintained.


Martell Services Group and its subsidiary companies conduct business with the utmost integrity and to the highest ethical standards. All of our employees comply with the Martell Services Group standards of conduct and, in so doing, reject any plan, transaction or arrangement involving unlawful or unethical conduct or the appearance of impropriety. We know and do what is right, and we are expected to speak up when something is not right.


We’re stronger together than we are on our own. It takes teamwork to build great experiences and deliver the best outcomes. When clients and Martell Services Group employees work together, and when all voices are heard, we overcome every obstacle and achieve the best outcomes for all. Our differences bring new perspectives and open each team member to think differently about how to achieve goals for our clients, communities and each other.


Efficiency isn’t about shortcuts — it’s about creating the right conditions to adhere to schedules and complete plans on time and within budget. This includes pre-planning, setup, and deploying trained workers with the right tools, equipment, and the correct degree of instruction and supervision.

The integration of safety, quality and productivity has successfully reduced injuries and injury costs while improving quality and productivity. This makes Martell Services Group one of the safest and most efficient specialty contractors — and the right choice for your next construction or facilities service project.

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