Safety Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Safety Is Our Number One Priority

Martell Services Group nurtures a safety culture, both within the office and out in the field. We “Think Safety First.” When we work safely, everybody wins. We believe safety, quality and productivity are achievable together. We never take shortcuts that compromise this belief. Zero incidents is our goal and we hold that expectation to everyone, everywhere on our team.

Everyone strives to improve the safety awareness of those around them and holds the personal responsibility, authority and support to stop work if conditions are unsafe. We encourage speaking up so we all learn and share good safety behaviors. We believe that all incidents are preventable. Identifying an incident’s root cause helps us learn how to be safer.

We are proud of our safety program and record. Below is a list of important safety metrics for all Martell Services Group companies:

Martell Electric: .80
Ideal Consolidated: .80

Martell Electric: .95
Ideal Consolidated: .95

Martell Electric: .57
Ideal Consolidated: .88

Highwire 2023 Gold Safety Award Winner.


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